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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Chapati snack

My Maharashtrian friends have taught me a tasty chapati snack.

Ingredients-Leftover chapatis-4 or 5,haldi-half a teaspoon,hing-quarter teaspoon,mustard -half teaspoon,Oil-2 tablespoon, large onion finely cut,half an inch of ginger-grated, one green chilly cut into large pieces,salt to taste,a piece of lemon ( or you can use 1  finely cut tomato).

Method.Take left over chapatis & shred them into tiny pieces in your mixer.Take a kadhai .Put the oil.in the kadhai to warm on the gas.When the oil is hot,put the mustard seeds.After they have spluttered,add onions & green chilli pieces.Fry till onions become transluscent.Now add haldi & hing.Next, add the shredded chapati pieces.Mix all in the kadhai .Add salt & mix again.Now,put off gas.

Your chapati snack is ready.You can also add jeera ,udad dal &  curry leaves whilst making the seasoning.Garnish it with coriander.Add a dash of lemon juice before serving to give a tangy taste.4/5 leftover chapatis can serve 2 persons.


  1. I request whoever knows the laddoo version of leftover chapatis -pl post it on this blog sanchayah.

    I have tasted it.It is yummy but I am unsure about the ingredients as also the method.

    Pl post any recipes which you want -of leftovers,recycled etal.All are welcome.

  2. The way I make roti chura laddus from leftover roti/even bajri roti is very simple. Make syrup of jaggery adding a little water to about a cup of jaggery powder and a tsp of ghee, when the syrup is done , add the roti chura to it and make laddus of the same .You can add nuts and cardamom powder too.For teh roti chura it is better to grind it in the mixie to get a proper chura.

  3. Thanks Medha,I will try this when I have leftover rotis.