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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Aloo ki tikki

I tried this dish as I felt,this will be definately eaten by my daughter who loves aloo parathas & all ki sabzi.The recipe I followed is from Sanjeev Kapoor's khana khazana on the net.But I used hari mirchi instead of lal mirch powder.I also added a thin slice of bread to the mashed potatoes.Bread is not an ingredient in Sanjeev Kapoor's recipe.

Ingredients : 3/4 medium potatoes,1-2 bread slices( brown /white ),1 hari mirch,1/4 inch ginger,a few sprigs of fresh coriander ( washed ),1tsp garam masala,2 tbsp oil,1/4 piece lemon,1/4 tsp haldi,1/4 tsp hing & salt to taste.

Method : Boil potatoes nicely .Peel them & mash them so that no lumps remain.Make a paste of the green chilly & ginger.Add this to the mashed potato.Add the bread slices to the mashed potato.Agin mix thoroughly.One option is to wet the bread slices & squeeze the water & then add it to the potato.I added only a thin slice & so I added it just like that without wetting it.Now add haldi,hing,garamm masala , finely cut fresh coriander ,lemom juice of the lemon piece & salt & mix the whole mixture again. Take a little oil on the palms & a small amount of the potato mixture & press it to get a small flat round shape.Repeat with the rest of the mixture.Take a tawa & put the flat round aloo tikkis on the tawa & put a little oil on each of them.Shallow fry on the tawa.Turn the tikkis upside down & shallow fry again.Serve the aloo tikkis with green chutney or tomato sauce.

Moolangi kosambri

This is a dish which my mother makes whenever she gets fresh raddish.My neighbour gave me some fresh raddishes grown in her garden.As she has never tasted raddish salad,I thought ,why not make it & get her to taste it ?

Ingredients: 2/3 fresh raddishes ( the radishes I used were 4 as they were very small ones ).1 tbsp oil,1/4 tsp urad dal,1/4 tsp jeera,1/4tsp mustard seeds, 1 Byadgi lal mirchi,a pinch of hing,1/4 tsp haldi,1/4 lemon,salt to taste & 1 tbsp fresh dessicated coconut ( optional )

Method:Cut the leaves of the raddishes.Wash the leaves to free them from mud & dirt by soaking the leaves in a bowl of water.Similarly wash the raddishes as well.Now cut the leaves finely -you can cut away the stems also or you may discard them.Now grate the raddishes.Take a bowl & put the chopped leaves & grated raddishes in that.Prepare vagar by spluttering mustard seeds & jeera ,byadgi lal mirch,urad dal,hing & haldi.Pour this vagar on the veggies.Now squeeze the lemon.Add salt & mix all the ingredients.Garnish with fresh coconut.

This is a great accompaniment to any paratha & also any rice dish like pulao,biryani or fried rice.