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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sev puri

Sev puri is a popular street food or chaat snack in Mumbai.It is very easy to make.Even my daughter loves it though it has to be on the sweeter side.

Ingredients : 1 average sized onion finely chopped, 2-3 biled poataoes, 20 flattened puris of same size as oreo or cream biscuits, 1 cup khajur imli chutni, ordinary sev ,superfine thin sev, red chilli powder (optional ),1/2  cup freshly chopped corainder.

Method : Made khajur imli chutni by following recipe from Tarla Dalal's siteKeep aside the khajur imli chutni.Peel the boiled poataoes & mash them.Keep aside.

Arrange 7-8 puris isn a plate.Add 1 tsp of mashed poatao on each puri.Add 1 tsp of khajur imli chutni,Add 1/2 tsp of finely chopped onions.Sprinkle 1/2  tsp of freshly chopped corainder. Sprinkle the ordinary sev on each of the puris. Sprinkle the super fine sev on the top of the earlier sev. And just serve the snack !

Tip : Those who want a spicier  snack can have the puris with finely chopped green chillies or with a sprinkling of red chilli powder.

I had this potato sev with mint flavour at home.So I sprinkled these sev followed by super fine yellow sev. In the street variety,only yellow sev is used.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Raagi wheat flour dosa

My mom makes varieties of dosas by mixing different flours.This is one such dosa rich in calcium as raagi or nachni  ( finger millet ) is a rich source of calcium. Nachni or finger millet is a cooling millet...good for summers.

Ingredients : 1 cup raagi flour, 3/4 cup wholewheat flour, water , 3-4 tbsp oil,salt to taste.

Method : Mix raagi & wholewheat flour. Add water & make dosa consistency dough.Take care to see that no lumps remain.Add salt to taste.Mix nicely.Keep aside for 1/2- 1 hour.

Take a dosa tawa or anon stick tawa.Put on the gas on sim.Keep tawa on the gas.Let it get warm for 3-4 minutes.Take aladle of the raagi hwolewheat dosa dogh & spread it into acircle on the tawa.Cover with alid & let it cook for 3-4 minutes.Uncover the lid.Smear a tsp of oil on the dosa  & spread it on the dosa.Flip the dosa upside down on tawa.Let it cook for 2-3 minutes.Remove from tawa .Serve with chutni or chutni pudi .

Make more dosas similarly.10 average size dosas can be made with the aforesaid quantity of dosa dough.

Tips : Mix raagi & wholewheat flour in buttermilk or chaas to get tangier dosas.Finely chopped coriander,curry leaves,onions ,grated ginger & carrots can be added to the dough  make uttapas.Endless possibilities !

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Suran cutlets

I have made cutlets with veggies like raw bananasarbi,sweet potatoes & now I felt,I must try suran as well.

Ingredients : 1 cup peeled,pressure cooked suran,2 pressure cooked potatoes, 4 brown bread slices,1 tsp flax seed powder, 1 cup washed,peeled  & grated beetroot,1/3 cup washed,peeled & grated carrot,2 green chillies washed & finely chopped,1tsp grated ginger, 1/4 cup washed,cleaned & chopped  coriander,1/4  tsp asfoetida,salt to taste,2 tbsp oil.

Method : Break bread slices into small pieces.Put these bread pieces in mixer & run it till the bread crumbs are obtained.Keep aside.

Mash the pressure cooked suran & poataoes.Add grated beetroot,carrots,ginger,green chillies,coriander,asfoetida,flax  seed powder & salt to taste.Mix nicely.Add bread crumbs.Mix nicely & make a dough.

Grease the palms with a little oil & take a small portion of dough & flatten it into a pedha shape .Similarly make more pedhas with the dough till all dough is finished.

Take a tawa & put it on the gas.Put it on medium flame.Spread oil on it.Now put some five to six pedha shaped patties which have been made.Cover the tawa with a lid & let it cook.After two to three minutes,uncover the lid & flip over the patties.They would have browned a little.Cover with lid & cook for 2-3 minutes.Uncover lid & remove patties on to a plate.Serve cooked patties with sauce or chutni of choice.

Cook remaining uncooked pedhas similarly.

Serve  hot with chutni or ketchup.