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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Strawberry rasgullas.

I have made strawberry rasgullas before .And did not post the recipe as the colour was wanting in the rasgullas.This time also , the colour is still lacking .And yet , I am posting this recipe. I tried many times .Just couldn't get the vibrant colours , other food bloggers got for their strawberry rasgullas. I have used fresh strawberries.

Ingredients : 1/ 2 litre milk, 1/2 cup sugar, 10 strawberries, ghee for greasing hands for making chenna balls 1 lemon cut into two pieces,1-2 cups water.

Method : Bring 0.5 litres milk to a boil,Squeeze lemon juice onto the boiled milk.It will start curdling.Add more lemon juice & the whey will separate from the milk .At last, clear water & whey will seperate. In a thin cloth, strain the ingredients.The milk solids will get retained in the cloth. The water can be collected in a vessel & used for making chapati dough.It can be added to cook rice as well as it is protein rich.

Wash the milk solids thus collected under tap water for 4-5 minutes. Squeeze out all water from the milk solids by holding all corners of the cotton cloth. Keep a weight on the cloth containing milk solids so that remanent water is squeezed out by the weight .Keep aside for 25-30 minutes.

Meanwhile in a wide vessel ,add 1 cup water.Add sugar.Make a puree of 8 strawberries.Pour this puree in the water. Chop remaining strawberries & put them in water. Bring this water to a boil.Put off gas.

Take the milk solids from the cloth.Make a smooth dough with the chenna ( milk solids collected in cloth )  by kneading for 10 minutes Apply a little ghee to palms & make chenna balls.I got 15 balls of the size of marbles. Drop these chenna balls into the sugar strawberry syrup.I added 1 more cup water to the syrup as the chenna balls had not drowned completely.Pressure cook the drowned chenna balls in sugar strawberry syrup till first whistle.Slow down the gas.Cook on slow flame for 10 minutes.Put off gas. Let the cooker cool.Remove whistle.Remove lid. The strawberry rasgullas are ready ! Refrigerate the rasgullas before serving !

Though ,I followed the recipe by Priya , the colour of rasgullas by me is nowhere near her  strawberry rasgullas.

Sangeeta Khanna says that some colours get absorbed & not all.I agree for obvious reasons. Moreover, my syrup is unclear or rather foggy. I loved the taste though ! My mom said they were less sweet ...for me that was a sign of weaning myself away from sugar.

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