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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Ingredients : Rice 2 cups,urad dal 1 cup ,1/2 poha or 1 tsp methi (fenugreek seeds),1 tsp jeera,1 ' inch ginger ,2 large onions,1-2green chillies (hari mirchi),4 tbsp oil  ,salt to taste.

Method :Soak rice & urad dal together with poha or methi seeds for 5-6 hours.Drain the water & grind finely in a grinder.Add little water while grinding.The dough after grinding must be of idli batter consistency. Ferment this overnight.Next day ,add finely cut onions,green chillies,grated ginger & jeera to this mixture.Add salt.Mix thoroughly.

Now take the vessel as shown in the photograph .Oil the inside of the cups in the vessel.Pour a tablespoon of the dough mixture into each of the cups in the vessel.Light up the gas & keep the vessel on the burner.Cover with a lid.After two minutes,turn the balls in the cups with a spoon & reverse them one by one.They will all have turned golden brown.Again cover the vessel with lid & let it cook for another 1 minute.Now remove the balls from the cups with a spoon with sharp edges.The gundpangulu are ready to be served with coconut

More gundpangulus can be prepared by oiling the cups after each batch gets cooked.

Tips: Grated carrot can be added to the dough to make it more healthy.Appams are also made in this fashion & they are sweet in taste.

If the vessel is a non -stick one then less oil is needed.

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