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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gajar halwa

I made this recently.I used to take out the malai from cow's milk which I buy daily.It is very little.I collected the malai for a week & kept it in the freezer.

I got four carrots ( available in winter ).They are, what I would call bharatiya gajar.Not the Chinese type which is available all the year around.

Ingredients:4 gajar,1 tablespoon ghee,1 medium bowl collected malai,1 medium bowl sugar,10 almonds,10 cashews, kishmish & cardammom ( 2 pods ).

Method : Grate the gajar. Heat the ghee in kadhai.Now add the grated gajar,malai & sugar & mix with a ladle.Keep on slow flame.After every 5/10 minutes,keep mixing.It will start getting watery.Let it cook.Powder the cardamom.Add kishmish & cardamom  powder. After 20 minutes,it will become dry.Put off the gas.Garnish with fine pieces ( grate the almonds & cashews) of almonds & cashews.

This is almost fat free gajar halwa as the malai  used has hardly any  fat .Hence,very healthy !

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