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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Eggless Strawberry upside down cake

I had brought some strawberries & thought about making a strawberry cake .I wanted to make use of strawberry milk which was lying in the refrigerator.I came across this eggless version @http://www.funandfoodcafe.com/2010/05/buttermilk-cake-easy-recipe.html

I made some changes & here's my recipe :

Ingredients :1/2 cup multigrain flour(I used Pillsbury),1/4 cup sugar,1heaped tsp unsalted butter,1/4 tsp baking powder,1/4 tsp baking soda,a pinch of salt,1/4 tsp vanilla essence,4-5tsp dahi (curds),strawberry milk (optional),1 cup frsesh strawberries cut lengthwise( they can also be cut in other shapes depending on preference & liking )

In the original recipe ,1/2 cup curds is used.I used 4-5 tsp as I wanted to make use of leftover strawberry milk.I also reduced amount of sugar as strawberry milk has sugar-it had  too much sugar.

Method : Take a microwaveable vessel & line bottom with butter paper.Now spread the chopped strawberries on to the bottom -above the butter paper in any  pattern.My daughter did this for me.She covered the bottom fully with chopped strawberries.

Mix sugar & butter till it becomes fluffy.Keep aside.

In a bowl ,sieve flour,baking soda & baking powder together.In another bowl ,mix curds,vanilla essence & 1/4 cup strawberry milk.

Mix butter sugar mixture with flour ,baking soda,baking powder .Now make a well in the centre of this mixture & pour the strawberry milk-curd-vanilla essence mixture.Mix lightly.If you feel that batter has yet to attain drop down consistency,add more strawberry milk or  diluted curds.

Pour the batter into microwaveable vessel.I added some strawberries on the top of the cake batter .As the cake rose ,the fruit pieces got scattered.One can add some pieces into the flour batter.Better ,one can puree some strawberries along with buttermilk & use that instead of plain buttermilk or curds.

Bake in microwave for 4-5 minutes.After microwave is put off,let the cake remain inside for 5-10 minutes.Then prick the cake with toothpik.If it comes out clean, cake is done.Otherwise ,bake for 1 more minute.

After cake is removed from microwave,keep it to cool for 20-30 minutes.Then turn it upside down on to a plate.Cut into desired shapes & serve.

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