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Thursday, June 9, 2016


My husband is very fond of adai.I hardly make them as I feel , they are way too heavy to digest & may cause flatulence. Since, he insisted that once, we must have breakfast of adai,I gave in & made adai.

.In some recipes, chana dal is used generously & other dals are used in lesser quantities.In another recipe, both toor dal & chana dal are used in equal quantities & other dals are used sparingly.In fact, you could have you own measurements for dals.There are other combinations as well.

I asked about adai recipe from one of my mother's friend & she gave me her adai recipe. This is her recipe.

My husband is off onions.So I have skipped adding finely chopped onions to the batter just before making adai on tawa.You can add it. In fact, even methi , palak leaves can be chopped finely & added. Carrots, dudhi, etc can be grated & added as well just before making adais on tawa.

Ingredients : 1/2 cup rice, 2 tbsp   tur dal, 2 tbsp split urad dal, 2 tbsp split mung dal, 1/4 cup  chana dal,5-6 byadgi mirchis, 3-4 tbsp oil for greasing tawas , 1/4 tsp hing, salt to taste, a few curry leaves finely chopped after washing.

Method : Soak rice dal mixture along with byadgi mirchis for at least two hours. After soaking period is over, drain the water. Grind it all into a coarse textured batter inn mixer ( not wet grinder as wet grinder would make it very fine batter ). Keep adding water little by little as it is ground in the mixer. I kept it to ferment for 1 hour .Many do not ferment. Then ,I kept it in refrigerator.I made them the next morning, after adding salt.

Add chopped & washed curry leaves to batter.Add hing. Mix nicely. Take a non stick tawa & pour a ladle full of batter on the tawa. & spread it like a dosa. Cook by covering with a lid. After 1-2 minutes, remove lid.The adai  would have cooked on bottom side. Add 1 tsp oil on dosa.. Flip it up & cook on the other side.After a minute, take it off the tawa. Repeat making more adais with  the remaining batter.

Serve adi with coconut chutni though my husband reminds me time & again, that adai is best eaten with avial.

Tips : De skinned mung dal & de skinned urad dal can be used. In fact, they are used in place of split urad dal & split mung dal.The colour of adai may turn out golden brown  in that case.In the case photographed above, reddish  gold !

I recently mad adai & had no byadgi mirchis at home. So added 2-3 packts of chilli flakes ( the packets one gets when pizza is home delivered ) .And so the colourof adis was so different. Take a dekko below ....

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