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Friday, March 3, 2017

Bhappa doi -steamed yoghurt.

I have been wanting to try baked yoghurt or misthi doi since along time. So much so that just at Deepavali , I had brought in this small tin of Mithai Mate to try out this shortcut recipe for mishthi doi. And then, it never got made until last night.

There are steamed as also baked versions of misthi doi ( Bengali for sweet dahi or  sweet yoghurt )   I picked up the steamed version last nite. There are so many types of recipes...some use milk & caramelizing of sugar or jaggery .Still others use milk, dahi & condensed milk.Some recipes use just two ingredients curd & condensed milk.Since I am  too lazy, I used the two ingredient recipe of AnnaParabrahma.

Ingredients :   200 gm tin of Amul Mithai Mate ( condensed milk tin of AMUL brand ), 300 gm yoghurt or dahi ( I measured this by adding the dahi to the emptied Amul tin of Mithai mate.Then emptied the tin of dahi & filled it up to half again.so 1.5 tin of dahi ) , a few strands of saffron ( optional ), 1 tsp ghee for greasing the dish.

Method : Mix yoghurt & condensed milk together nicely. Whisk it up so that a smooth consistency is obtained. Add saffron strands .Mix again nicely. Keep aside.

In a pressure cooker, add 4-5 inches water at bottom. Keep it on gas & start the gas so that very soon, steam will start coming up.

Meanwhile, grease a dish that fits easily in the pressure cooker which is steaming by now. Pour the youghurt condensed milk  mixture into it.Close the pressure cooker lid. Please do not put whistle on top of cooker.

Steam on slow - medium flame for half an hour. Put off gas.After steaming stops...maybe 5 minutes. Remove lid.  The yoghurt -condensed milk mixture will have set .Let it cool outside the cooker. Then keep it in refrigerator  ( not freezer ) for 5-6 hours ( I kept it overnight as I made it last night ). In the morning, it can be cut & enjoyed.

I removed it after lunch.I was able to cut it.Though, I was unable to remove it smoothly like a cake .I cut it in the vessel itself.And yes, its creamy , cool & deliciously yummy !

I made dahi or yoghurt from low fat version of Amul Milk.And this dish is so awfully simple.....this shortcut version. There are longer versions as well.

And yes, it was quite sweet.So , if you want it to be less sweet, add more dahi...almost double the dahi so that ratio of condensed milk to dahi is 1: 2.Or maybe any other ratio that you prefer.

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