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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cabbage paratha.

I  make cabbage parathas so that my daughter will eat cabbage.She loves them though I would apprecitae it more if she would start relishing  cabbage sabzi.

Ingredients : a quarter piece of a small cabbage, half an inch piece of adrak(ginger),one teaspoon lal mirchi ( red chilli) powder,half a teaspoon of haldi,quarter teaspoon hing,two tablespoons dahi or take  chaas ( buttermilk ) ,two cups atta , one tablespoon besan ,two table spoons oil &  salt to taste.

Method : Grate the cabbage & ginger.Add salt & keep for 5 minutes.Squeeze out the water.Now take atta,add besan,dahi or chaas,red chilli powder,haldi , hing  & salt .Mix all this into a soft dough by adding sufficient water.

Now make  lemon sized balls .Roll the lemon sized balls into parathas .Take a paratha & put it on the heated tawa.Smear a little oil on the uncooked side of the roti.After 2/3 minutes,turn over the paratha& cook on the tawa by smearing a little oil on the paratha.Cook till golden brown.Now take it out from the tawa.Repeat with other lemom sized dough balls.

Serve the parathas with dahi & achar or chutni.

Dahi or chaas gives a tangy taste to the parathas & is a source of calcium.

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