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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sweet Potato snack

This is also known as ratalu khees in Marathi.It can be eaten during upvaas.Sweet potato has lot of fibre -hence it is very healthy.

Ingredients :3 medium sized sweet potatoes,one medium bowl  roasted peanut powder, 1 tsp jeera,1 green chilli,curry leaves,1/2 inch piece of adrak,some sprigs of coriander for garnishing, 1/4 tsp hing,one tbsp oil & salt to taste.

Method :Wash the sweet potatoes to remove the dirt.Then peel off the skin.Now grate it.Take oil in kadhai.Put jeera & hing.After jeera have spluttered,add the grated sweet potato,the green chilli,curry leaves & grated adrak .Close the kadhai with a lid.After a minute,add the roasted peanut powder to the kadhai & mix all. Close the kadhai -the snack is ready.Just add the salt & agin mix all.Close the kadhai.Put off the gas.

Garnish with coriander & squeeze a lemon  if you want a tangy taste.

Tip: Sweet potato gets cooked very fast-so you have to be very careful.Otherwise,it may get struck to the kadhai.

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