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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Raita dosa / uttappa

This is again an attempt at making use of leftover dosa atta.I had this dosa atta ( 10 days old ).I added last night's leftover raita ( cucumber,onions,tomatoes,green mirchi &  salt in curd) to the atta. I then made uttappas out of this batter
Ingredients : Left over dosa atta,1 bowl of raita ( leftover or fresh - 1 cucumber ,1 onion,1 tomatao ,1 hari mirch finely chopped -add 2tbsp curd & salt to taste),add 1/2 inch grated ginger ,add chopped curry leaves.2tbsp oil.
Method: Mix the dosa atta,raita,grated ginger & curry leaves nicely in a big bowl.Take a non stick tawa & heat it.Now spread  1 tbsp of the dosa batter on the tawa being heated.It won't spread easily as a sada dosa as it has veggies.It will be more like uttapa -thicker than dosa.Cover the dosa with a lid.After 1-2 minutes,remove lid apply  a little oil on uncooked side & reverse the dosa on tawa.After a minute or two ,take out dosa from tawa .Now you are ready to eat it with dry chutney powder & seasame ( til oil) or coconut chutney.Repeat same method for more uttappas.

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