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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Healthy Noodles

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I make my instant noodles in a healthy manner.

Ingredients : A carrot,some peas,1/4 cup sprouted moong,a tomato,a few leaves of fresh coriander,a packet of instant noodles inclusive of their masala packet.

Method : Grate the carrot,cut the tomato finely & take out the peas from the pods.Now boil the water ( take 2 cups instead of 11/2 cups as stated on the noodle packet).More water is needed as we are going to cook the sprouted moong,carrots & peas as well.After the water starts boiling add the sprouted moong,peas ,grated carrot & the instant noodles.Let all this cook for 5 minutes.Then add the diced tomato .Now add the noodle masala.Mix all.Put off the gas after two minutes.Now you can garnish the dish with fresh coriander.

This is healthy as no oil has been used.Only veggies like carrot,tomato , peas & coriander have been added thereby increasing the fibre content & also the quantity.Sprouted moong is an excellent additive.

Tips : One can add more water if you like a curry type consistency.You may also add some pepper & little grated ginger to enhance the taste.Even a squeeze of lemon will make it more tangy.Remember that carrots & tomato will turn the dish little bland.So ,you may need more spice ( any leftover sipces from other ready to cook packets will do fine ) or you can add any masala powder available with you.Some of you may feel the need to add salt but preferably eat without adding salt as you might as well get used to less salt.

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