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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Raagi dosa

Raagi or nachni or finger millet.

Raagi or nachni or finger millet is an excellent source of calcium....

Ingredients : 1 Cup leftover  idli or dosa batter , 1 cup ragi atta ( nachni atta ),1/2 cup dahi or chaas or buttermilk,,1/2 inch grated ginger,2 tbsp oil,salt to taste.

Method : Mix raagi atta with dosa batter .Add dahi or chaas to make it into a paste.The result should be like dosa batter consistency.Keep aside for half an hour to 1 hr.

Add salt to taste & grated ginger & mix.Take a ladle full of dosa batter mixture & spread it on the tawa.Cover with a lid.Turn on the gas to high & cook for a minute.Remove the lid & if the sides of the dosa have seperated from the tawa ,spread a tsp of oil on the dosa & turn it upside down.Now cook the dosa for a minute.Remove it from the tawa & serve with chutney or sambar or chutni powder with til oil.

Similarly make more dosas.

If the dosa batter is thinner in consistency ,just drop it on the tawa. Just rotate the tawa .And the batter will spread itself on tawa.Do not try to spread it.Follow same steps thereafter.

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