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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Khatta dhokla

Ingredients : 2 cups left over idli batter ( ratio :1 cup urad dal & 2 cups idli rava ),1 tbsp dahi,1 tbsp idli rava,1hari mirchi ,1/2 inch ginger ,2 tbsp oil,1/4 tsp hing,1/2 tsp eno fruit salt,1 tsp mustard seeds,1 tsp black pepper powder,few kadiaptta leaves,salt to taste.

Method :I mixed 1 tbsp dahi to the 2 cups idli batter & then realised that the consistency had become like dosa batter.So ,I added 1 tbsp idli rava.I also added 1/2 tbsp oil & salt to the batter & mixed it nicely.I left it overnight .

Next morning ,I added chilli ginger paste - either cut the hari mirch very finely & grate ginger.Another option is to pound the hari mirchi & ginger with apestle.Now mix this mirchi-adrak with the idli batter.Add 1/2 tsp eno fruit salt to the batter & mix the batter again.

In the cooker, I put water & let steam be generated .I put  a stand in the cooker.The water must be generating staem before the dhokla batter is kept in the cooker.I greased a flat bottomed vessel with oil & poured  the batter into it.I  sprinkled black pepper powder on the batter.I put on the cooker lid.I let  the dhoklas be steamed for 7-8 minutes.I then  off the gas.I took  the cooker lid off & put a knife into the steamed batter to check if the dhokla is ready .As the knife came out clean, the dhokla cake  was ready.

I prepared the seasoning or vagar by heating oil & putting mustard seeds,hing & kaddipattas into the hot oil.I poured this vagar on the steamed dhkla cake.Then, I cut the cake into dhokla pieces.

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