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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tendli bhaath

I love tendli bhaath & make it whenever I have got tendli.I feel, it is easy, to make tendli bhaath rather than a sabzi, as it takes ages to cook .

Ingredients : 1 cup basmati rice,12-15 tendlis,1 carrot ,6 beans,1/4 cup peas( optional ),1 onion ( optional),1 green chilly,2 tej pattas,1 inch cinnamon  stick,2-3  cloves,2-3 peppercorns,1 tsp ground garam masala or masala bhaath masala ( available in Maharashtra )1/4 tsp haldi,1/4 tsp hing,2 tbsp oil,2 tbsp dahi or cream ( optional),salt to taste.

Method : Wash rice & keep aside.Cut tendlis lengthwise - four pieces in one.Cut carrots & beans  into 1 inch pieces.Take oil in the pressure pan & heat it.Now as the oil warms ,put tej patta,cinnamon stick .Slightly pound the peppercorns & cloves with a pestle & add them to the oil.Now add the tendlis ,carrots ,beans & peas.Add the harii mirchi or diced green chilli..Add haldi & hing.Mix all nicely.After 3-4 minutes,add the rice & fry it for 4-5 minutes.Add 2 cups water .Add salt & mix .After a minute ,add the ground garam masala or masala bhaath masala & mix.Now add the dahi or cream to the rice mix & mix nicely.This will give a creamy texture to the tendli pulao.Now close the pressure pan lid & pressure cook on high  for 2 whistles.After 2 whistles ,lower the heat & pressure cook on slow, for 5 minutes or till it whistles again, whichever, is earlier.

After the pressure pan has cooled ,remove the whistle. 5 minutes after removing whistle ,take off the lid .Squeeze some lemon juice on the rice & mix.Alternatively,the tendli pulao can be served with lemon pieces as some may want to add lemon juice as per their need.

Garnish tendli pulao with fresh dhania & freshly grated  coconut.

Tendli bhaath