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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bhari hui mirchi

I spotted big  green chillies in the vegetable market during the weekend shopping & brought some.I knew that they are not spicy.They can be made into chilli fritters by deep frying them.My mom on seeing them said that we can make ahealthier alternative...bhari hui mirchi.I agreed.I have looked up the recipe from @http://mharorajasthanrecipes.blogspot.in/2010/05/besan-bhari-hari-mirch-green-chillies.html
I have omitted some ingredients like onions as it is Tuesday & I keep Tuesdays onion free at home.

Ingredients : 10-12 green chillies, 1/3 cup besan,1 tsp red chilli powder, 2 tsp dahi,1 tsp til,1/2 tsp ajwain,1/2 tsp haldi,1/2 tsp hing,1-2 tbsp oil,salt to taste.

Method : Dry roast the besan.Keep aside.Let it cool.

Wash the green chillies & slit them in the middle vertically.Keep aside.

Add 1 tsp oil,til,haldi ,hing,red chilli powder,ajwain,til & salt to besan.Mix nicely.Add dahi .Mix nicely to get a dry dough type consistency.Fill this mixture into the slit mrchis through the slits.Take care ,not to break the chillies.

Take a pan.Put 1 tbsp oil.Put the stuffed mirchis on the pan .Put the remaining oil on the mirchis. Cover with a lid & cook them on slow gas.Uncover lid after 5 minutes.Turn the chillies on the sides.Cover with lid.Cook for 5 minutes.Uncover lid.They would have browned & become shiny & mushy.Turn again & cover with lid.Cook for 5 mniutes.Put off gas.Bharwan mirchi is ready.Serve with rotis or parathas.


  1. :) will try it and post pics soon.

  2. Thanks,Janaki.I am sure your pics as also the dish will be simply yumm!