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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Banana poha

What to do with over ripe bananas ? Well ,so many options...make Sri Satyanarayan type halwa with rava,bananas,sugar etal,make banana cake or banana bread .All these options need some time.Another option when one is really hungry & bananas need to be consumed just then  is to make banana poha. Moreover ,Vaishnavite tradition is to eat poha in many forms.After all,Krishna devoured poha  brought in as gift, by his dear chum Sudama. Krishna had to stopped from eating more poha by Rukmini, lest all the wealth got transferred to Sudama.

I can survive  on savoury poha almsot daily.Even during  Ekadashi,we consume savoury poha.

Ingredients : 1/3 cup thick poha,2 over ripe small bananas,1 tbsp brown sugar,ghee for garnish ( optional ),1/3  cup warm milk.

Method : Wash poha two to three times.Drain water & keep aside.Mash bananas,add milk & sugar & mix nicely .Add washed poha to this &  mix nicely.This can be topped by a tsp of ghee if desired.More milk can be added if one wants it to have  more liquid consistency.

This must be consumed immediately as keeping it makes it dry & more milk will be needed.

This is enough for 1 person.

Thin poha can be used...only it need not be washed as washing will make it into a paste.Take thin poha & add mashed bananas,milk & sugar to it & mix nicely.Consume it as soon as it is ready otherwise...it will get pasty & tasteless.

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