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Thursday, September 26, 2013

My guest post

I have met many bloggers at blog meets & online.I am also lucky to be part of a group of women bloggers on facebook.We giggle  gossip,interact,rant & share our concerns,moments of joy as also sorrow.ALl of us have come closer vide this group.

Janaki Nagraj is one blogger, I met, when I had gone to attend a blogger meet.Her smile & gentle nature made me her fan.She is a poetess & an ace photographer.In fact, at blogger meets,she is flooded with requests to click pictures of nearly each one of us.I have read her poems & they are simply beautiful ! Her snaps  are just stunning ! Do go & peek at her clicks at Vithikahttp://janakinagaraj.wordpress.com/ & you are sure, to be  mesmerised !

She shares her feelings, through her poems, at her blog "Memoirs of a homemaker " http://janakinagaraj.com/.She invited me to write a recipe as a guest blogger on her blog Memoirs of a Homemaker .Well,how could miss this chance ?I hardly have any followers on my blog & here Janaki was lending her blog, to me, with her followers.I wrote this recipe on alu vadis, which is one of my most loved dish.I can just keep on eating this, till the stock gets over ! Please read about my  recipe of alu vadis @http://janakinagaraj.com/2013/09/inspirations-3.html as you must, try this recipe before the monsoons get over & that could be anytime now.


  1. Thank you for gracing my blog Vasudha.

  2. Janaki,

    I am indeed indebted to you, for inviting me as guest blogger on your blog ! Thanks,once again !