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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ragda patties

I keep searching for recipes on the net  which I can try.I chanced to see the ragda patties recipe & thought why not try it ? I tried it & found it quite easy to replicate.

Ingredients for Ragda  : 1 cup white vatana ( peas ) soaked overnight,1/2 tsp turmeric,1/2 tsp hing,1 tbsp oil,1/2 tsp red chilli powder,1/2 tsp dhania jeera powder,salt to taste.

Ingredients for garnish : a bunch of fresh dhania cleaned & finely chopped,1 cup thin sev ( available in market ) ,1-2 onions finely chopped.

Method : Pressure cook the white peas in 3 cups water for 3-4 whistles.After the 4th whistle ,slow down the gas . Keep the cooker on slow flame for 5 minutes.Put off the gas.Let the cooker cool.

In the meanwhile make the green chutni as given in sandwich dhokla recipe .Make kahjur chtni as in Sev puri recipe .

Patties can be aloo tikkis or vegetable tikkis ( opt out of using beet root as beet root will colour the tikkis a deep pink, which kids may not eat ).

After cooker has cooled,remove the ragda from the cooker.In avessel ,heat 1 tbsp oil.Add dhana jeera powder followed by red chilli powder.Pour the mashed ragda onto the spice mixture .Mix nicely Bring this ragda -spice mixture to boil.Add salt.Mix.Put off the gas.Keep aside.

Take 2 patties on to a plate.Pour 1/4 cup of ragda mix on top of the patties.Now put 1 tsp each of green chutni & khajur chutni on top of the ragda on the patties.Put chopped onions on top of the chtuni followed by the sev & top it up with freshly choppped dhania..This is quite a heavy chaat & fills tummies fast !

As seen from snap,I did not have thin nylon sev.I got some bhujia sev which was available nearby.I felt that my ragda was not mashy enough ( like thick tur dal consitency ) ...next time on ,I will cook it more till it has more even consitency & post new pictures !

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