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Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I simply love rasgullas ! Recently I learnt that rasgullas are full of protein ! Hence ,I am elated.Moreover ,the rasgulla syrup is less dense in sugar than that of gulabjamuns ! So many positive points ! No oil is used in making rasgullas ! So fat free,low sugar & protein rich !

I searched for recipes & came across two which I combined & made rasgullas.The two recipes I picked up are http://litebite.in/rasgulla/ & http://dishingwithdivya.blogspot.in/2013/06/rasugulla-bengali-rasugulla-how-to-make.html.This recipe is so easy that my love for rasgullas has multiplied many times over !

Ingredients : 1/2 litre low fat milk ( I get Amul Taaza Milky Milk with 3 % fat minimum & S.N.F.8.5% minimum ),1/2 cup sugar,2 -3 tbsp dahi,1/2 tsp cardamom powder( optional ), 1 tsp ghee to grease palms to make rasgulla loddoos.

Method :Open the milk packet & pour the milk into the container.Boil the milk.After it has boiled,slow the burner to sim or slow.Now add 2-3 tbsp dahi & keep stirring the milk.Milk will start curdling.Let it continue.Keep stirring & simmering the milk on the gas for 10 minutes.Switch off the gas.By this time ,the clear water ( whey ) of the milk & milk solids would have seperated.

Collect the milk solids onto a thin & large  cotton cloth piece.Collect all the milk solids on to the cloth.Then tie up the loose ends of the cloth into a knot tightly.This is to squeeze out all the remaining water from the milk solids. Hang the cloth from a hook .Better on the cloth knot,put some vessel which has weight so that it helps in squeezing out water.Rub some ice on the part of the cloth which contains the milk solids.Keep rubbing ice for 5 minutes.Keep aside the milk solids in the cloth knot for half an hour.

After half an hour,remove the milk solids which would have formed a mass of white colour from the cloth.This is cottage cheese or channa. Knead this mass nicely for about ten minutes till no lumps remain.It will become very soft after kneading for 10 minutes.Apply a little ghee to the palms & make small balls out of the channa. Repeat the process to make more balls till all channa gets over.Keep aside.

In a vessel take 1/2 cup sugar.Add 1 cup water .Boil till, all sugar dissolves. Cardammom powder can be added while it is boiling.Put off the gas.

Drop the channa balls into the sugar syrup.Take a pressure cooker & put the vessel containing channa balls in sugar syrup in the cooker.Pressure cook till 1 whistle.Then lower the gas & cook for 5 minutes on slow .Put off the gas.I released the pressure after this step by slowly lifting the whistle .Then after the cooker's whistle almost went away,I removed the whistle.

Then remove the lid of pressure cooker.Take out the vessel containing rasgullas & keep it in a bigger vessel containing some water to cool off.

After an hour or so ,one can relish the rasgullas !

Next time on ,I am just going to let the cooker cool on its own, without releasing the pressure by lifting up the whistle.It is so much effort ! Maybe ,rasgullas will become more juicy ,then !


  1. I had tried making them a long time back. I had skipped cooking them in the pressure cooker and so they were not like the ones we buy and so, had stopped making them. I will try this for sure.

  2. Janaki,

    Even I was petrified of using pressure cooker thinking that my rasgullas will break ...thankfully they did not !

    You can do them otherwise by drowning them in sugar syrup which is getting slowly heated .This must be after all sugar has dissolved .Wait till they become almost double in size ! Then the gas is turned off.Let it all cool.And they are ready to be savored !

  3. My aunt once told me she uses vinegar to curdle the milk for rasagullas then washes the chenna thoroughly to rid it of the vinegari smell. She swears this is the best way to get them to be soft. I tried but without faith. And anything you do without faith ends up in a mess. Reading your recipe and seeing the picture that goes with it, I feel this will actually work. When I find time I'm going to try this recipe and if it works I'll write back with the syrup oozing dreamily from my mouth!! Shanta

  4. Anonymous /Shanta,

    Thank you for your generous comments.

    I tried them another time.They got a little dry while I was making the balls.So ,I was afraid,they will break & they did not.I made them in narrow vessel.So they got stuck to each other.And yet I was able to separate them easily with a spoon.Next time ,I am going to use a wider vessel...so that they have all space to expand & get more juicy !

  5. I am inspired to try this again. I have tried vinegar, cooker, no cooker, less sugar, more sugar, kneading more, kneading less, but the rasgullas always break :( I will keep trying though!

    1. Richa,

      I am sure, this time when you try ,you will make perfect rasgullas.Please post pics of the rasgullas when you make them !

  6. perseverence thou name is vasudha....
    good that you have been sucessful in making rasgullas..personally had no great luck ...will try your recipe and hopefully we also can relish it

  7. Medha, you are such an awesome cook so much so that you are Annapoorna herself ! I am sure, your rasgullas were better & will always be.