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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Sai Bhaji

Green leafy vegetables are nutrient rich. Methi or fenugreek leaves & palak or spinach leaves are an iron rich nutrient source .So are lentils like chana dal moong dal ,etc.Here's a recipe which combines both palak, methi, chana dal & many more nutrient green veggies

I love the recipes of Sindhi Rasoi.I had been wanting to try out this sai bhaji. now that winters have begun...maybe not the weather & yet veggies of winter have arrived in the market.I tried this sai bhaji from Sindhi Rasoi & well, it turned out  super !

There is another version of Sai bhaji on the same blog which uses spinach, dil, khatta palak  ( called sorrel ) & methi. Sanjeev Kapoor also has his version of Sai bhaji. All these versions use a mix of more than one green leafy vegetable (  palak is a must )  with lentils ( usually chana dal  ) .

Ingredients : 1 bunch of palak, 100 gm red amarnath leaves, 100 gm fengreek or methi leaves, 100 gm khatta palak , 100gm sua or dill leaves, 1 large potato, 2 bhindi,2 small tomatoes, 2-3 green chillies,1-2 onions, 1 tsp gated ginger, 1 tbsp dhania powder, 1/ 2 cup chana dal soaked for more than half an hour, 1/4 cup  moong dal with chilka, 1 tbsp oil, 1/4 tsp haldi, salt to tatse.

Method : Clean the green veggies thoroughly by soaking in water for 10-15 minutes.Discard the water & keep green veggies aside.

Roughly chop onions, tomatoes & potato ( after peeling the potatoes) . Keep aside.

In a pan , heat oil.Add grated ginger & finely chopped chilies. Saute them nicely. Add chopped onions. Saute nicely. Add turmeric powder. Mix all nicely. Add dhania powder. Add diced potato pieces & bhindi,Mix nicely. Saute for a minute or two .Add the green veggies. I added them just like that without cutting them. One can chop them roughly if one wishes so

Since I added green veggies without chopping, I felt that my pan was not big enough so I had to really struggle to mix up all the veggies.

After the the green veggies shrank in volume  once they got cooked up a bit, it eased up space & I added the soaked dals after discarding the water in which they were soaked. Mix nicely.

Add the chopped tomatoes .Mix with the dals & veggies. Add salt .Remember to add less salt as green leafy veggies have their own salt content.Mix all nicely.

Pressure cook this dal veggie mix up to two whistles. After two whistles, sow the gas flame to low & cook on low flame for 12-15 minutes.Put off gas. After cooker has cooled, take out whistle. Remove lid & the sai bhaji is ready . Just pound the sabji nicely with the pav bhaji pound. Pound just 2-3 times. Chan dal must be seen in the sai bhaji .

I enjoyed sai bhaji with rice. One can enjoy it with rotis or parathas or phulkas as well !

My family & friends liked the taste. I liked it except for the smell of dil which I dislike. It was not pungent at all as I use less pungent green chilies. If more pungency is needed, please feel free to use more chilies or dark green chilies which have more pungency.

This is my #livogenironchef entry for the Iron Chef contest on IndiBlogger.

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  1. Hmmm very healthy.goes well with any Indian roti too.