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Saturday, November 7, 2009

HT Brunch ( 8/11/09)-Skin care in Winters.

AS WINTER draws near, it's time for us to pay attention to our skin. At this time, skin does not have to fear acne, sweat rashes, prickly heat or sunburn, and it is also possible for us to eat foods like nuts that cannot be consumed in summer. Since different people have different skin types, it is important to work with your skin type to achieve a fabulous complexion.
KAPHA SKIN TYPES: People with a kapha constitution typically have soft, smooth, naturally blemish-free skin and only need to watch out for puffiness and water retention. For this, they can opt for a sauna (with a wet towel for the head). This opens up the sweat glands and helps remove toxins. Kapha people are prone to sinusitis, so steam inhalations, preferably with herbs to clear the nasal passages, are beneficial. This skin type can get body massages with powder or herbs, followed by steam and a moisturiser. Heavy oil is not required because the skin has adequate oils. Kapha people only need to boost their circulation, through exercises like brisk walking, yoga, cross-training, etc.
PITTA SKIN TYPES: Individuals with this skin type will find that their skin looks best in winter. To rev up their blood circulation and bring a glow to their face, they can run or jog in order to sweat. Follow this with a body temperature shower and then a spray of cool room temperature water.
Pitta people benefit from cool face packs that contain natural antibiotics, like neem, cinnamon, turmeric and clove. These can be added to a base like Fullers earth, papaya or sandalwood. Gentle exfoliation and application of moisturisers is good.
They can also drink water with herbs like jasmine, chamomile etc., to flush toxins from the liver.
Amla in any form greatly benefits these people, as does a body massage with olive oil.
VATA SKIN TYPES: People with vata constitutions find winter a problem, as they suffer from dry skin and body pain at this time. They benefit hugely from body massages with heavy oils like sesame. Sessions in the steam room are useful, as they are moisturising and warming. To improve their skin, vata people should use heavy moisturisers and exfoliate their skin gently with mung dal paste followed by a moisturiser. This will clear their skin of blemishes and make it glow.


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