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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mango Ice cream.

I love ice creams except chocolate ice cream.I amke it apoint to eat an ice cream whenever I go out to the market.I am especially fond of Amul Ice creams.Gelato is a new favourite.

I always felt that ice creams will never turn out the way they are in the Ice cream parlours as the freezers are very important & we do not have access to those types of freezers.Our refrigerators are opened every now & then.This affects the freezing & obviously the ice cream.

I was inspired to try this ice cream by Kavi @(http://myedibles.blogspot.in/2012/06/mango-ice-cream.html & Veg Inspirations who shared the 2 ingredient ice cream recipe @http://www.veginspirations.com/2012/06/simple-2-ingredient-nutella-icecream.html

I would like to clarify that I used all approximate measurements as I was very skeptical of the results.So if you want to try ,please be careful.All measurements are approximate except the jaggery sugar & cream.

Ingredients : 200-225 ml milk,1/2 cup jaggery sugar, Mango pulp of 1 medium sized mango ( I used Kesar ).Happus ,Dussehari or any other sweet variety can be used,1 tbsp cream,any dry fruit for garnishing ( I used almonds ).

Method : I boiled milk for 20-25 minutes.I beat the mango pulp & cream in a mixie along with the sugar.Now added this pulp-cream sugar mix to boiled milk & mixed nicely.Allow it to cool.Now take an airtight container  & put the milk-cream-pulp sugar mixture into it.The mixture must come upto three fourths level in the container & not more.It can be less than that.This is because after cooling ,there will be expansion & there must be room for that.Keep the container in the freezer.

I did this in the night.I took the container from the freezer in the morning.The ice cream had set.I mixed the contents of the container with the spoon  after it had warmed up a little bit as it had been kept out of the freezer.Then I kept it in the freezer again.After every hour ,the container has to be taken out from thr freezer & mixed again & set in the freezer.This prevents to some extent the ice crystals which get formed.I repeated this in & out of the freezer some 5 -6 times.

You may notice from the snap below that my ice cream is not that creamy as it has more water content than it should have.I am posting this  as my first attempt has turned out better than my expectations ! Next time around,I plan to use more cream & boil the milk for a longer time.

I scooped out 3scoops with a ladle & put it into a bowl.I garnished it with chopped almonds.
Tip : Dussehari has a watery pulp.Kesar &Happus  have thicker mango pulp. Hence ,I feel Happus & Kesar are good for mango ice cream.Any other variety of mango can also be used. Jaggery sugar has a brownish almost chocolate colour.My ice cream therefore has a darker colour.Ordinary white sugar can be used.I use jaggery sugar as it is healthier- I believe so as it is not as refined as ordinary white sugar.Jaggery sugar is more sweet than ordinary sugar is my opinion-so I use less than what others may have used.

The milk I used is  low fat milk.The cream I used is malai of the milk which I boiled.I have already started collecting malai in the freezer for my next ice cream !

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