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Friday, June 29, 2012

Sugarless Mango shake

I loved mango shake as a kid.Hence,during this mango season ,I made mango milkshake with happus mango & asked my kid to have a sip.She loved it !

Mango milk shake is full of fibre,energy ,vitamin A -total nutrition.
Ingredients : 1 mango ,1/3 cup milk.This makes only 1 glass milk shake.

Method : I used Kesar mango ( shown in the snap ).Even happus,dussehari or any mango( on the sweeter side ) can be used.

Peel the mango & take out the flesh of the mango .Puree the flesh in a juicer or mixer.Take milk & try to squeeze remaining fruit pulp from the mango peel .Take the mango seed ( guthli in Hindi ) & try to remove whatever mango flesh is sticking to the seed .Mix all this fruit flesh in the milk.Add this milk to the mango puree in the mixer or juicer.Put the juicer or mixer on & blend the mango puree & milk into one uniform mix.

Pour into a glass .Add ice cubes  to the shake.This shake was sufficiently sweet.For extra sweetness,one may have to add sugar.

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