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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


My kid loves this red tomato pasta my neighbour prepares for her kid.She knows that my daughter loves it & shares it most of the times.I tried it once & it was just edible.This time ,I tried harder & it turned out very good- more so, because I used Del Monte Extra Virgin Olive oil.

Ingredients : 1 cup  penne pasta,2 tbsp ready tomato   pasta sauce, 1 tbsp tomato ketchup,1tsp oregano flakes,, 1 tsp chilli flakes,2 tbsp Del monte Extra Virgin Oil, 1 Cube of Amul cheese, salt to taste.

Method : Take a vessel & boil some water in it.Add salt to taste. Put penne pasta & let it get cooked till the pasta gets soft.Put off the gas.Drain the water.Add 1 tbsp Del Monte Extra Virgin Oil to the cooked pasta & toss we;l.This will make the oil coat all the pasta.Keep aside.

In another vessel ,take the ready pasta sauce & cook it on slow flame.Add tomato ketchup & mix with the sauce getting cooked.After the mix has boiled,add the cooked pasta to it Mix nicely.Now grate the cube of cheese on to the pasta sauce mix.Mix.Add oregano & chilli flakes.Put off the gas & mix nicely.Now add 1 tbsp of Del Monte Extra Virgin Olive Oil to the ready pasta & toss it well .

The pasta is ready to be savoured !

Be extremely careful while adding salt.I added salt only while pasta  was getting cooked.Later ,I avoided adding salt as ketchup has salt in it & even the cube cheese has salt in it.

This is my second entry for the Del Monte Blogger  Recipe Carnival on IndiBlogger.Please share your recipes too to win exciting prizes in this contest !

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