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Friday, October 5, 2012

Raagi thalipeeth

Raagi or finger millet is a popular millet in Karnataka.It has acooling effect on our bodies.It is consumed as raagi mudde or raagi balls ( millet is cleaned,washed,dried & powdered .It is mixed with boiling water & salt to taste  & served with sambhar or any curry  ).These raagi mudde are given to workers who do hard labour as they are  very nutritious..My mom makes raagi thalipeeth & this is recipe as told by her .The raagi thalipeeth seen in the snap has been cooked by me.

Ingredients : 1 cup ragi flour ,1/2 inch grated ginger,1-2 green chillies-finely chopped,1 large onion finely chopped ( I grated the onion ),1/2 tsp hing,2 tbsp oil,salt to taste,1tsp flaxseed powder( optional ).

Method : Mix raagi flour with chopped or grated onion,finely chopped chillies,hing & salt.Add water & make a dough just like chappati dough.No oil is to be used.

Take tawa. Grease the whole surface of tawa. with oil.Take a  ball of the prepared raagi dough on the tawa & pat it with plam & fingers to shape the ball into a flat roti. Keep dipping hand into water to continue patting the roti till a reasonable thin roti is obtained. Make 4-5 holes in the roti so that it does not fluff up.

Light up the gas & put the tawa on that with the raagi roti on it.Cover with lid.Let the gas be on slow flame.After five minutes,put some oil through the holes in the roti & turn the roti over & let it cook again for 3-4 minutes or till it changes colur completely.It will become a chocolate brown roti when fully cooked.Remove from tawa & serve with achar & dahi.

1 cup raagi flour yeilded 1 large & two medium raagi thalipeeths. I used 2 tawas & I made the third thalipeeth after the tawa had cooled.Alternatively ,aluminium foil sheets are available.The rotis can be shaped on them after greasing the sheets with oil .Then the roti is slowly put on the tawa by catching one end of the sheet & letting it fall on to the tawa.

I had added 1 tsp flax seed powder to the flour while mixing just for good health.I let the dough rest for 15 minutes as I had added flax seed powder before I made the thailpeeths.Instead of green chillies ,red chilli powder can be added.Please take care to flip on the thalipeeth after it changes colour .My first thalipeeth had become hard as it got overcooked.Still it was delicious !

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