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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Til barfi

Sesame seeds are full of calcium.They are a rich source of iron too.Til sweets are a must at Makar Sankranti.

I have learnt this from my Atya ,a very simple recipe of Til barfi.

Ingredients: 1 cup unpolished white sesame seeds,1 cup chikki  jaggery,a tsp of ghee,1 /2 tsp cardamom powder ( optional ).
Unpolished white sesame seeds look brownish in colour.

Method : Dry roast sesame seeds till they start spluttering.Put off gas.Keep turning the seeds with a ladle even though gas is off.Keep aside.

In a pan ,heat the chikki  jagerry till it melts completely.Be careful as this chikki jaggery melts fast.If it gets overheated,it will get hard.Put off gas.

Add the roasted sesame seeds.Add cardamom powder.Mix nicely till all seeds are coated with jaggery. Take a plate to which ghee has been applied all over on the surface.Now remove  the semisolid jaggery sesome mixture with ladle & on to a plate.Roll the mixture with a chappati rolling pin to spread the mixture evenly.Then cut into desired shapes.

After the spread has been made uniform.Wait for 5-10 minutes.Cut into desired shapes.If left on plate,it will become hard.Then ,one may have to warm the plate so that the barfis can be removed smoothly without breaking into uneven shapes.If it has hardened ,while it is in pan,it can be warmed slightly to make it soft.

Nowadays I have started using ordinary jaggery in place of chikki jaggery & it turns out equally good ! And following Sangeeta Khanna's recipe, I use  1 cup til & half a cup jaggery. The idea is to make it less sweet & more nutritious !