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Monday, March 28, 2016

Jaggery rasgullas

I had read a few blogs about nolen gur rasgullas .I had seen images as well.I wanted to make them & see if they tasted good.I saw a You tube video as well.

My friend came visiting.I thought , why not make it & let her taste  them.The worst that could happen was the rasgullas might break .And she may not relish them. My fears turned out to be unfounded & the effort was worth it !

Ingredients : 0.5 litres non fat milk ( I use Amul Taaza Milky Milk which has fat content of 3.5 % & SNF content 8.5 % ) , 1  lemon cut into 2 halves, 1/2-3/4 cup jaggery, 1/4 tsp cardamom powder, ghee for greasing palms .

Method : Pour contents of 500 ml Amul Milk into a vessel.Start warming it up on gas.As soon as , the malai formation is noticed , start squeezing the lemon drop by drop.In between keep stirring the milk.Milk will start coagulating leaving a clear watery liquid behind. After ,a clear liquid is obtained, stop squeezing the lemon. Put off the gas.Stir the coagulated milk some more time so that all coagulated matter is lumped together & clear liquid is visible .Strain  the coagulated solids into a thin cotton cloth.Run water on to it for  3-4 times so that the smell of lemon juice vanishes.Collect the clear liquid in a vessel This clear liquid can be used to cook rice & even for kneading atta .This clear liquid is rich in nutrients.

Squeeze the water from the coagulated milk solids by bringing all corners of the cloth( in which the milk solids have collected ) together .Keep it aside. Keep a heavy vessel on this cloth containing the milk solids so as to gently squeeze away the remnant water due to the weight of the vessel pressing down on the cloth.Keep aside for half an hour.

Meanwhile take 2-3 cups of water & keep it for boiling in a wide pressure pan .Keep gas on slow mode.Add the jaggery pieces .Jaggery can be grated and added as well.Grated jaggery will make the syrup ready in lesser time.

Take the coagulated milk solids from the cloth.This is the soft paneer or chenna. Knead the chenna for nearly 10-15 minutes nicely till it becomes very soft.Grease palms with a little ghee & make small chenna balls.With half litre Amul Taaza Milky Milk, 12 chenna balls can be made.

The jaggery syrup would have started boiling now. Add cardamom powder to it. Drop the chenna balls one by one into the syrup.Add more water if the chenna balls are not completely drowned in water. Close the lid of the pressure pan. Put on the whistle.Turn the gas knob to high mode.After the first whistle, turn  down the know to slow mode & cook for 8 minutes. After 8 minutes, put off the gas.

Let the pressure pan cum cooker cool down .this will take 15- 20 minutes. Take out the whistle.THen slowly open the lid. The jaggery rasgullas are ready.

Cool them to room temperature. Refrigerate them & savour them at leisure ! Though, it would be impossible.....I want to eat them as soon as possible !

All my friends, who ate them liked the taste ! It is difficult to make out that jaggery has been used in syrup.

And they look so divine...gold balls in a golden lake ! 

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