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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mango lapsi sheera

My neighbour makes lapsi sheera with gur.Even my mom makes lapsi sweet - kheer consistency with sugar & jaggery mixture in equal parts.I checked out some recipes on net about mixing mango & lapsi & jaggery.I failed to get any such recipe.So I made up my own.I tried this earlier with different amounts of the ingredients & mango taste was unnoticeable.Hence ,in this second attempt ,I changed the quantities & was quite satisfied with the dish.

Ingredients : 1/2 cup thin lapsi rava,2.5-3 cups water, 1tbsp malai ( optional ),1 tbsp ghee,1/3 to 1/2 cup jaggery,1/3 cup mango puree ( I used Langda variety of Mango ),1 clove & 2 cardamoms ( peeled ),grated or thinly sliced 5-6 almonds for garnish.

Method : Roast lapsi rava on  a low flame in a kadhai  for 5 minutes.Add ghee & roast again.On another gas burner, keep water for boiling.Add malai, if using, into this water, so that it will get broken up ( I hate malai -so try to use it in dishes where I cannot make out taste of malai).

Now add jaggery & boling water to the lapsi rava & mix nicely .Cook it with a lid covering the kadhai..Keep removing the lid & mixing the contens in the kadhai every 2-3 minutes.Add powdered spice mixture ( 1 clove & 2 cardamom )to the kadhai .As the sheera thickens add ,the mango puree & mix.Cook it covered with lid.After 2-3 minutes,if it is done -mango puree has been absorbed,put off the gas.

Garnish with sliced almonds & serve.

The sweetness was just right.I was able to make out that mango had been added.If more sweetness is needed,one can use more jaggery or more of mango puree.

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