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Monday, July 23, 2012

Pav bhaji cutlets

Yesterday , I made pav bhaji as my kid loves it.This is a good method to make fussy kids like my daughter consume all veggies which go into making pav bhaji.The pav bhaji turned out to be quite spicy.My kid ate sparingly.She added loads of Amul butter to the bhaji & consumed it.Still, a lot of bhaji was left.

I am going to eat it today as well.I had some pav buns-2 & some bread slice sides & corners in the refrigerator.I crumbled the bread slice corners & the 2 pav buns in the mixer & got it all powdered.Mixed this with left over pav bhaji & added some haldi etc & made cutlets.I ate them for nashta & gave them to my maids as well.They liked it.

Ingredients : 1 boiled potato,3-4 tbsp leftover pav bhaji,a few bread slice sides & corners -approximately half a cup,2 pav buns,1/4 tsp haldi,1/4 tsp hing,1 tbsp oil,1/2 tsp grated ginger,1/2 tsp flax seed powder ( optional ) ,salt to taste.

Method : Crumble the bread slice sides &  corners & pav buns in mixer -grinder to get fine moist powder.Mash the boiled potato after peeling it .Add the mashed potato. Add the left over pav bhaji - I added 3 tbsps.Add haldi ,hing & salt.If you want to make it more healthy ,add 1/2 tsp falx seed powder as it is good fat.Add grated ginger & mix nicely.Keep aside.

Grease palms with a little oil & take a little of the pav bhaji -bun mixture kept aside & shape into flat circle.Similarly make more falt circles from the mixture.

Take a tawa & spread some oil on it.Put on the gas.Gently drop the flat patties on the tawa.After some time ( 2-3 minutes) ,turn the patties  upside down.They may have browned on the side they faced the tawa.After another 2-3 minutes,take them off the tawa.Serve with green chutni or tomato ketchup.

I ate my cutlets without any accompaniment as I felt ,they had all tastes in them.I got 9 cutlets-one was quite big.So approximately 10 small cutlets can be made with the amount of ingredients listed by me.Snap is taken after my binging of the cutlets-hence only 6 can be seen.

I did not add any red chilly powder or green chillies to my cutlet mix as my pav bhaji was quite spicy.If you love spicy food ,you may add as per your wish.


  1. Looks yummy !!!!Good tea time snack in the rainy season!

  2. My maids said "It is good ".I also loved it -since I had added flaxseed powder ,it filled up my tummy fast.

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