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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mango Malai Kulfi

I started collecting malai off the milk on a daily basis n freezing it.My purpose was to make mango ice cream -better than my last attempt.I made it & served to my maid to learn about her opinion.She said that it tasted like kulfi.That's when I decided to put the ice cream into kulfi moulds presented by my bhabhi ( at last I used them ) . That's how I came to name this dish as Malai mango kulfi !

Ingredients : Frozen malai off ( removed )  from 15 days milk( I buy less fat milk -so hardly any malai is recoverable -every time I heat milk& cool it ,whatever malai comes ,I collect & freeze it ).This malai was approximately 1 cup,1/2 cup white granulated sugar,1/2 -1 cup mango puree from 1 kesar mango ( any mango can be used - Happus,dussehari etc ).

Method : Remove the frozen cream from the refrigerator .After it has achieved room temperature,pour the cream in mixie & run the mixie to get a smooth frothy milky liquid.Now add mango puree & sugar & again blend all into a smoothie.

Now pour this into a freezer box - any airtight box & freeze it.I did this in the night.Next morning ,I removed it & after it had melted,poured into mixer & blended it gain.Repeat freezing.Do this,de freezing ,blending & re freezing three to four times.

Then pour the blended smoothie into kulfi moulds & freeze again.After 4 hours ,remove from refrigeration.Let 5 minutes pass,then remove kulfi from mould & enjoy !

I read on Tarla Dalal's website that after removing kulfi moulds,five minutes must pass before the kulfi comes out on the kulfi stick.If we try this as soon as we remove the kulfis from the refrigerator,then ,only the kulfi sticks come out without kulfis.

My recipe is imperfect -one can notice that kulfis have started melting in the snap.I promise to better the recipe next time around.


  1. You may add a little, maybe a tsp or so of maida or cornflour to bind the kulfi together.