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Friday, July 20, 2012

Surti Locha

I had been posted in Surat for quite some time & therein I ate dhoklas,khaman,locha etc.Locha is crumbled dhokla garnished with chopped raw onions,thin sev ,chutni etal It is like dhokla bhel .

I love dhoklas.I have made dhoklas before ( recipe @ http://vasusanchayah.blogspot.in/2011/08/dhoklas.html).Today ,I made them & they did not rise.They were just like solid steamed batter cakes.So I decided to make them into locha.

Ingredients : 2 plates of dhoklas( which have not risen & hence are not fluffy ) ,1tbsp oil,1/2 tsp mustard seeds,1 green chilli -finely chopped,,a few curry leaves-chopped,1/4 tsp hing ,1/4 tsp haldi.

Garnish : Finely chopped onions,thin sev.

Method : I found that my dhoklas were not breaking with my hands- they were soft -so I broke them into 1inch chunks & put them in the mixie.I powdered the chunks.

Take oil in kadhai.Put on the gas.Put mustard seeds in the oil.After they have spluttered ,add the chopped curry leaves & the green chilli.Add hing & haldi.Now put the powdered dhoklas into the kadhai & fry for some time so that the mustard,curryleaves & green chillies are all nicely mixed with the dhoklas.Put off the gas.

Serve the locha with raw chopped onions & sev.My friend says even chutni -green or sweet can be added.

After you taste the locha,you will pray for the dhoklas to get spolit now & again .Locha tastes better than dhoklas !After all ,as one of my ex-colleague used to remark -nothing can beat the partnership of oil & besan !

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