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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bhindi fry & sambhar

I brought a two litre pack of Fortune Rice bran health oil so that I could take part in this contest by BlogAdda.I was able to make two dishes with just a table spoon of Fortune Rice bran health oil. That is why  it  is  such a low absorb oil !

Take a kadhai & put 1 tbsp Fortune rice bran health  oil.Put on the gas.As the oil warms up,add 1/2 tsp mustard seeds.After they splutter,add half a piece of byadgi mirchi.Add some kadipatta .Put of the gas.The byadgi mirch will have turned colour & the curry leaves would be crunchy.Take out the byadgi mirchi & curry leaves from the kadhai along with some mustard seeds.Keep aside.

Ingredients :

Bhindi fry 

Ingredients : 1/4 kilo bhindi washed dried & finely chopped,1/2 tsp red chilli powder,1/4 tsp hing,1/4 tsp turmeric ,juice of 1 /4 of a lemon,& salt to taste.

Method : Put the bhindi in the  kadhai which has some oil & mustard seeds remaining.Put on the gas.Mix the bhindi nicely so that oil & mustard seeds are nicely mingled with the chopped bhindi.Add haldi & hing.Mix nicely again.Let it cook for five to 10 minutes.Add lemon juice & mix so that it mingles nicely with all bhindi.Let it cook for 5 minutes.

Now add red chilli powder.Mix nicely so that it gets coated on all bhindi pieces.Let it cook for 5 minutes.Add salt .Mix nicely.Cook covered with a lid for five minutes.Put off the gas. Bhindi fry is ready.I use very little chilli powder as my kid loves bhindi fry & she prefers hardly any spices.

White pumpkin sambhar

Ingredients : 1 cup chopped white pumpkin,1 tomato chopped, 1 tbsp tamrind soaked in water,1tbsp sambar powder ( any brand ) ,1/2 tsp hing,1/2 tsp haldi,1/3 cup tur dal,salt to taste.

Method : Pressure cook tur dal with the chopped white white pumpkin pieces.Add haldi & hing to the dal before it is pressure cooked as this gives nice aroma.

Meanwhile in a vessel -take chopped tomatoes & water.Put on the gas.The tomatoes will get mushy in no time.Squeeze the tamarind soaked in water.Put this tamarind water into the vessel which has tomatoes cooking in it.Let the tamarind water get boiling.Squeeze some more tamarind paste from the tamarind & add again.Let the water be boiling.Now add the cooked tur dal with white pumpkin  pieces to the vessel.Add sambhar powder.Add salt to taste.Let it all come to a boil. Put off the gas.Garnish with the mustard-curry leaves- byadgi mirchi seasoning made earlier ( at the beginning of this recipe page ).The sambhar is ready !

Just 1 tbsp oil for 2 dishes is simply awesome.So healthy !