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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Methi jowar dosa

My mom made this dish this week.It is easy & makes use of leftover dosa batter.

Ingredients :2 cups leftover dosa batter,2 cups jowar atta,1 cup dahi or buttermulk,1 cup methi /palak- chopped,1 tsp red chilli powder,salt to taste,water to be added to maintain dosa batter consistency , 5 tbsp oil.

Method :Add jowar atta to dosa batter & mix so that no lumps remain.Now add dahi or buttermilk.Again mix to get dosa batter consistency.Now add cleaned,washed & chopped fenugreek or palak .Add salt to taste & mix.The final batter must have dosa  batter consistency.

If one opts out of buttermilk or dahi,one can add water.In such case,it would be advisable to ferment  the jowar atta added dosa batter overnight.

Take a ladle full of the dosa batter & spread it on the tawa which has been oiled & is being heated on the gas.Cover with alid.After 4-5 seconds,take out the lid ,spread a tsp of oil on the dosa & turn the dosa upside down.After 2-3 seconds,the dosa can be taken off the tawa & served.One can serve it with any chutni of choice or chutni pudi. 

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