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Sunday, October 18, 2009

HT ,Mumbai ( 18/10/09)-Neighbours

If your neighbour is in town and you notice that he or she has not opened his door for more than two days, try knocking on the door at different hours. If you don't get a reply, inform the police.

If you hear screams or sounds of violence from your neighbour's house, inform the police. If you see someone trying to make an unlawful entry into your neighbour's house - trying to open a locked door with a screwdriver, or entering through a window, for instance, report it to the police. If you know that your neighbour has been a victim of molestation, rape or violence, approach her, comfort her and take her to the police station immediately to register the case. If she is unwilling to come, call the police to the spot. If you see a stranger in your neighbourhood who is behaving suspiciously, you should call 100 -the police control room -- or inform your mohalla committee, which functions as the `eyes' an `ears' of the police in your neighbourhood.

Don't keep your distance from your neighbour/s (and don't get into small scraps with them either.) It is important for neighbours to be familiar to some degree with each other's lives and routines, because, in an emergency or unusual circumstances, it is your neighbour who can come to your aid the quickest, much before friends or family. If you witness a domestic fight, do not intervene unless the fight gets violent. Till there is violence, it is not a crime and does not concern the police.

Don't keep out of your neighbour's genuine problems because you're afraid of `getting involved in a police case'. You can always make an anonymous call.

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