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Saturday, October 24, 2009

TOI ,Crest ( 24/10/09) -SMS LINGO.

This ain’t TMI, sorry for the confuzzlement
Like George Orwell, GenNow believes the function of language is to communicate clearly. And quick messaging requires crunching and compressing words. But what on earth does tenjewberymuds mean?

Epic fail/Uber fail: Interjection to show disapproval
Win: Interjection to show approval
Traffucked: To be stuck in traffic
Moobs: Man boobs
TMI: Too much information
Noob: A newbie
Wing it: To do something with no preparation
FLK: Funny little kid
HLC: Hot looking chic
PWN: To defeat, outdo or outmatch someone
Defriend: Social networking terminology for deleting a friend from your network Facepalm: To hit one's own forehead with your hand/palm, and drag it down one’s face; most often done in frustration or agitation
OCSL: On Chair Stifling Laughter
Lollercaust: When a large group of people are ROFLMAO (rolling on the floor laughing my ass off) at the same joke or event
Tenjewberymuds: Thank you very much
Awesomeness: The quality of being awesome
Confuzzled: Being confused and puzzled

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