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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pune Times ( 24/10/09) Efficient Time Management.

Good time management is important in all areas of your life
Times News Network

PEOPLE often cut down on activities that are healthy and helpful in building relationships, to save time. This increases stress levels, leading to health problems later on. Here are some points to manage time.
Do not overcommit: This is important especially if you are not confident of fulfilling the tasks.
Delegate work: Find ways to merge different aspects of your life rather than treat them as water-tight compartments.
Take a break:
Working continuously adds to stress levels. Take breaks. This will help you resume work with added vigour.
Utilise travel time: Use travel time for contemplation or planning. This will help not only to spend your time, but also help think of issues with a clear mind. Maintain a diary: This helps to prioritise different tasks. However, prioritise work on realistic grounds.
Plan long-term: When you do this, you save a lot of time.

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